Wednesday, April 19, 2006


JRW: And why, you may find yourself asking? Well, because we made an incredibly delectable shrimp gumbo. No. Hold on. Delectable sounds too dainty, too puffy. Too...soft. No, our gumbo was more of a savory affair, a searing snappy stew. A lightning bolt striking a circuit box, a firehouse licked by flames. I'm no cajun, nor is KJJ, and I've only been to Louisiana once, but I've had some pretty good gumbo in my incredibly bitchin' life, and I can declare the gumbo we made last night to be a champion of gumbos. It was like eating the guitar riff from "Up Around The Bend" ( The CREEDENCE version, not the HANOI ROCKS version). Perfectly spiced, enough to make your skin tingle a bit and the corners of your lips to feel a little chapped. It was even spicier today as I ate a bowl of it for lunch. We served it over a good rice (OF COURSE), with a little side salad of spinach and aRruGalA with a pomegranite vinaigrette, and watched some stupid tv while we kept looking back at each other and telepathically saying "We kicked this gumbo's ASS". Then we patted each other on the ass like football players do when they make a good play. KJJ: I should clarify. Am I Cajun? No. Or..... am I? Arent the Cajuns the Acadians that split from La Belle Province aka Quebec? Oui. Arent my ancestors the surliest of French Canadians? Oui! That must be how comes I was so good at this gumbo. About halfway into making this I turned to Jamie and I said "Jamie... wait a minute... is gumbo a soup?". And Jamie says, "Yes". And I says to myself, I say "Self... How come you didnt know gumbo was a soup!?". Not all things come naturally to old KJJ. And also, oops I spilled the beans and named JRW, he who cannot be named. But I dont feel like editing. Thats how I roll. JRW forgot to mention the emergency trip to the gas station to get ICE CREAM SANDWICHES for dessert and the near miss of a tropical style lightning storm of epic proportions. Unrelated: A bonus question (challenge?) for readers... pertaining to the shitty TV JRW mentioned above... If "Pepper Dennis" was a food dish... what would it be? ((... One thought-- it would be the type of dish you could "cancel" really quickly if you get my drift... ))