Thursday, April 13, 2006


JRW: AUSTIN TEXAS, I've got beef. You've got more great restaurants than most towns of your girth, so many in fact that I usually can't think of any when it comes time to making a snap decision. Burgers, BBQ, Chinese, Sushi, many, yet...WHERE'S THE GOOD CHEAP ITALIAN FOOD?!? Why are you holding out on me Austin? It ain't cool. I've given you a lot of years off my life, years I'll never get back and probably could have done something much better with in another "city", FUN years...we had some fun, right? Remember that one time, skinny dipping at Barton Springs after my 21st birthday? Yeah, well. I want some good Italian food, and I don't wanna pay a week's worth of groceries for it next time I feeel like taking my lovely lady for a nice little springtime meal on a patio. Romeo's? BLOWMEO'S. Awful. It used to be an alright little joint, a bit pricey, but pretty good. So, like, WHAT'S THE DEALIO, ROMEO? It took me thinking about it the next day to realize that there really is a problem here, when a restauraunt like that gets the praise it gets. I mean, I know it's not too hobo-like to go to an Italian restaurant on a whim like that, all willy-nilly, but damn, you can't let yourself feel broke ALL the time-and then you go to Romeo's because you hadn't been there in years and the dang waitress can't even look you in the face as she sighs and huffs because she's kinda overwhelmed since she's not so good of a waitress, and god dang, 13 bucks for pasta and it's all butter and oil, which I know is good and all, but not like this, and you're thinking "bite your tongue, and enjoy it because you ARE out with your lady and THAT part is nice, and she's looking GOOD tonight", but in reality you're thinking, "wow, this waitress kinda stinks tonight, I remember when Susan used to manage this place, it was much cooler, and damn, I cook better than this on a bad night, but oh well, KJJ's looking GOOD tonight". Whatevski, I have a rule, and that's never feel guilty about spending money on a meal. And on that note, I'm done witchoo, Romeo's. It's been real.