Wednesday, April 12, 2006


JRW: Homeboys and homegirls, it has happened. Fantasy has become reality, and our favorite East Side taco stomp is to thank. The other day we reported that El Chilito kicked it into 5th gear, they took this thing into OVERTIME, and threw BURRITOS on the menu. What we didn't tell you is that by overtime, we meant TRIPLE-OVERTIME, LAST MINUTE BUZZER-BEATER. Ladies and germs, we present to you...FISH TACO BURRITO. Chew on that. We did. AND IT WAS MOTHER EFFING DELICIOSO SUPREME. I know. How can it be possible? The marriage of our two favorite things, fish and burritos? C'est impossible! Mais oui, c'est vraie. Add a lime aioli, and you're BOO-YA, TACO BELL! With this, The Chilto has taken the Stanley Cup, won the National Title, the Superbowl and Wimbledon, all at once.