Sunday, October 15, 2006


Corn chowder prepared by Depew Social Society legendary tour de force Chris Sieeeebenthaalerrr. Below, onion cornbread pudding prepared by yours truly, recipe from the 1976 A Texas Hill Country Cookbook purchased in 2005 Calgary, Alberta Canada for one dollar at the used bookstore. Yep, I made some soul food. Mmmmm hmmm. Our complete Sunday dinner. You sir are looking at soup, herb salad w/ home-made vinaigrette, cod baked with mustard wasabi crust, cornbread and corn chowder. And a stack of Italian books on the floor. And now we settle in to a nice long evening of Austin Texas Allergy Attack courtesy of the current rain. JRW: Why do I live in Texas? With allergies like mine? Simple. Corn. I know, you can get corn anywhere. I was just attempting to make a little connection. There is none...except that this awesome corncentric meal was had in Texas. And I have allergies. And hey, isn't Grand Funk just the perfect way to remember this meal by? Yeah, I KNOW!

Saturday, October 14, 2006


Concerned citizens... two new developments. Number one, our comments thangy is still jacked up. So much spam, so many settings changes, so much confusion. Number two, I got a terrifying email that this site is a "Google Whack". Upon hearing the news I dribbled my mouth full of coffee all over the keyboard and spasmed violently until I heard a "poof" sound whereupon I dissapeared into a cloud of black smoke. After coming too, I attended to Wikipedia where I tried to make sense of the madness. A "Google Whack"? For a second I thought this might mean I was coming close to my LONGTIME dream of making $180 off this site. Some people want to make millions off their websites-- I want to make $180. Anyways, apparently there are two words not joined by quotation marks that will bring up ONE search result on Google-- and ONE ONLY-- and we are that one search result. Here's a list of some others. But the two words... what are the two words? What are the two words?? I want so desperately to know... Peace out nerds, -KJJ

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Click to see a link to Youtube of our video of the super mysterious AGADASHI TOFU served at Gyoza King (a.k.a. best restaurant in North America) in Vancouver. The bonito flakes dance for like 15 minutes, its amazing. If you feel like eating something that looks like its alive and dancing on your plate, this restaurant is for you. Normally we dont do "restaurant reviews" but Gyoza King is only like our favorite place to eat ever. Do you like feeling like you're in authentic Tokyo but you're stuck in British Columbia?? Try Gyoza King! Above, mussels! Above: Scallops, mushrooms and onions! This was the most amazing thing I've eaten in half a year. Above: The famed gyoza! JRW was all crazy to go to his favorite place in Vancouver, Gyoza King. So I'm gonna, like, let him write all about this place. Take it away JRW... JRW: It took me a week to organize my thoughts about the whole GYOZA KING MIRACLE EXPERIENCE. I'd spent since last February reflecting on his majesty, so I was supremely PUMPED BIG TIME, to have dinner there again-I mean, damn...I flew 2000 miles. Have you flown US AIRWAYS? I thought the plane was gonna fall apart-I thought I was gonna wind up in the ocean, on a life raft, deciding who was gonna be the next meal. But I lived, if only to tell you this: I LOVE GYOZA KING. It was like the best of 3 of my favorite culinary worlds, Japanese and French (The vodka in my greyhound makes 3-Russian, if only for vodka. And stroganoff)). Buttery, gingery mussels in the kind of sauce you really want to just drink, action packed little prawn gyoza..oh man. Fried prawn in a wicked little wasabi mayo-dealie. Oh, and mega-cheap. Like...wicked.


KJJ: Yeah you're looking up there at that cheese and jumping up and down like a mouse being tossed around paradise. JRW: Loogies for weeks, people. Amazing.


BEHOLD Cinnamon Sweet Rolls Blue Auvergne Cheese Pepper Pecorino Pineapple & Strawberries Chips & Salsa B-b-b-beer
Yes it happened again like a rash that won't quit, Canadian Thanksgiving. Trust us we are really grown up people. God, Francine looks so cute in this picture, seriously I f**king love that little dog. The blue cheese is from Auvergne where my ancient peeps were from, yes that is in FRANCE. I wish I could be serious for just one minute but its so hard. Okay, this dinner is a statement of optimism and its actually way too deep for you to understand. I mean, when is the last time you said to yourself, its Canadian Thanksgiving I am cranking the oven to 400 for ten minutes and cranking out a six pack of hot buns? This actually happened on Monday but its sort of a cute thing I do when I leave EVERYTHING till the last minute and put off making posts until I have a backlog of 10 meals. Call this a backblog.


R.I.P. Sandwich. And R.I.P. Yankee pitcher dude that flew into that building. 10/11 Never F'In Forget. **Edit KJJ: Is this really insensitive? JRW: Who cares. Just cause he can throw a ball really fast? KJJ: I think you mean... he -could- throw a ball really fast...


KJJ: The original served at Yogi Vegetarian Restaurant on Commercial Drive in Vancoolver, and the imitation served at Our Apartment by the train tracks in Austin Texas UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Oh, I forgot to include some bitchiness in this post but I just remembered I am flat out ANGRY at the Heebmonster a.k.a. H-E-B of Hancock Centre - to my dismay they have seriously ethnically cleansed their shelves of any and all East Indian and Pakistani food products. You think I'm joking? I s**t you not, all curries have been removed, including Major Grey's chutney. Out of 1000 aisles in that stupid store they are now down to like 3 that actually sell food. I am trying to think of a witty way to explain the Indian couple shopping and looking around bummed and dismayed (as I was) in their attempt to locate their long gone familiar products but I cant think of anything here. What a joke. Please email me when H-E-B falls into the Earth, thanks!

Sunday, October 08, 2006


KJJ: Here is a picture of JRW at the Vancouver Aquarium, viewing a fucking MAJESTIC creature of the deep: a Beluga Whale. Yes, we toured the entire aquarium and saw all things great and small, a million exceptional little creatures all with talents that we will never come close to touching. The Vancouver Aquarium accepts sponsorship from Weyerhaeuser paper products. I am supposed to stand in front of their display outlining the forest management system and accept it as "science"? Shame on the Vancouver Aquarium for spreading disinformation. I liked how the display was trying to convince me that somehow forest management is beneficial to the ecosystem. It is beneficial to the paper and lumber industry and nothing further. Here is a picture of the last thing I saw on the way out of the gift shop. I believe this requires no explanation, but I would like to offer my sincerest condolences to the idiot that thought this was appropriate to sell in the gift store of an AQUARIUM, and further condolences to the fish and shelfish that humans have decided are not worthy of aquarium stardom, but ARE worthy of being cooked in garlic and onions.


KJJ: Oh hey, have you ever had dinner at Judy's? No?? Well suckers, I have-- and let me tell you it is a thing of beauty. You are looking at Salmon with a custardy almost sweet mayonnaise sauce, a perfect quiche, sourdough bread and greek style salad. Go ahead and take a few minutes to feel bad for yourself for not being invited to this dinner. I completely understand. Oh hey, have you ever had dessert at Judy's? NO?! HAHAHAHA too bad! Warm gingerbread with applesauce and vanilla ice cream. I'd like to congratulate Judy for making such a delicious meal. I'd also like to congratulate myself for being invited to eat it. Not only were we served dinner, but we were also invited to tour her superior art studio afterwards; for not only can she cook, she also makes the best textile artwork you've ever seen!! She's a keeper, thats for sure.


Note what appears to be a "Top 10" of best sellers... One of many local groceries on Commercial. It is entirely possible to shop locally, eliminating the need for driving a vehicle to bulk chain stores and also saving quite a pretty penny. The same apples that are $1.59 US per pound in Austin were $.49 CDN.

Thursday, October 05, 2006


KJJ: I broke my stomach. JRW: I watched it happen.

Monday, October 02, 2006


KJJ: The hobos (us) are in eastside VANCOUVER this week. We have plenty of positive things to report on the state of food in Vancity. In fact, I am so excited I can barely sit still. Do to a crucial brain mis-hap we obtained a giant memory card for our digital camera, but neglected to bring along our USB cable dealy what makes the pictures upload into the computer. So I am going to have to update with photos upon our return to AUSTIN Texas. Chinatown was boss and we were (as expected) run out of stores for taking pictures of some disgusting delicacies such as fish heads, mystery dried sea products, mystery dried fungus products, and general mystery products. Indiatown was also good to us and we s-s-s-scored a quadruple of bitchen' samosas. Little Italy was bueno, the caffe was spectdonkular. The Greeks have also blessed us with some stellar tzaziki. Big ups to Canada, I am crying because my country rules so hard. Anyways, we're gonna holler at you soon with pics and junk.