Friday, December 09, 2005


JRW PRESENTS "BABE, PIG IN THE CITY" STARRING ON "OUR PLATE" FEATURING BEST SUPPORTING VEGETABLE NOMINEE "MIGHTY MUSHROOM" KJJ: JRW made us pork chops, my second pork chop in probably ten years (the first one being last week). This is what happens when vegetarians move to texas and get married. Don't judge me. At least we know we are eating "pig" and not "pork". Protein recovery project. Doctor says I gotta get my hemogoblins on the up-and-up. Let me tell you about the mushroom that was so delicious and juicy, browned in sesame oil and sprinkled w/ sesame seeds, it EXPLODED in my mouth and mushroom juice dribbled down my chin. JRW: Those mushrooms were so succulent. We had to get rid of that pork, and we grilled these on one of those little kithen grill things. It worked alright. I mean, it was obviosu that it wasn't done on a REAL grill, but still, the marinade made it work. The onions and mushrooms were a nice little touch, I thought. Way to use the scraps, JW!