Friday, December 09, 2005


CHICKEN BURRITO; BEEF FAJITA BURRITO KJJ: A romantic comedy starring two people destined to find happiness at taco shack when their fridge runs out of food and the effort to procure groceries seems to great. Rationalized by the fact that "we live in Texas, dammit, I want a Burrito!". There must have been half a chicken in mine. They are enormous. It is painful to think about, but god almighty, it is 9:45 am as I type this and I could already do with another. When I tasted a bite of the beef burrito, I remarked that this is what I believe really good cat or dog food should taste like. (I was thinking of Fancy Feast, before it was bought by Purina and had those rather appetizing looking chunks of beef in a thick gravy...). JRW: the cat food comment ALMOST grossed me out. But I've lived with a dude that used to REVEL in grossing people out while they're eating, so that was like water off a duck's back. The comment, not the burrito. The burrito was more like, um...a burrito. Doesn't that mean "little donkey"? That's kind of gross.