Saturday, June 03, 2006


KJJ: Mojito's ruined us last night. It got to a point where I was making my OWN drinks (never a good thing). The last concoction I created was vodka, Canada Dry, a topper of cranberry juice and mojito remnants (a sludge of highly flammable limes and garden mint). What a catastrophe. JRW went down for the count after SUPPOSEDLY committing to being the designated driver. (Dont worry, we had some sober friends drive us home. We aint goin' out like that). Its been a while since I punished myself with alcohol like that. What is the cure for the resulting pain? There is none. There is only therapy. Here is what I did. Phase One WATER TAMALE HOUSE (2 egg and cheese breakfast tacos) WATCH THE FRENCH OPEN FOR 3 HOURS Phase Two WARM BATH EXTRA STRENGTH TYLENOL REGRET & EMBARASSMENT COFFEE Phase Three MEET FRIENDS, SIT IN THE SUN, SWEAT IT OUT ICED TURBO COFFEE Phase Four (4pm) HOMESLICE ARTICHOKE AND MUSHROOM PIZZA Lets talk about Homeslice Pizza. Its got great atmosphere. The staff are friendly. Sit at the bar and watch the kitchen dudes and dudettes make the pie. Its like watching a pleasant movie. The star character this time was someone named Ray. We dont know the story, but from our detective work he seemed to be an older, wiser Pizza Wizard brought to Homeslice to assist and educate. I could be wildly wrong. Ray wore a denim chef's shirt with a LARGE GOLDEN MEDALLION over his semi-exposed chest. He politely re-arranged the kitchen set-up, but worked with seriousness as he pounded the dough and spun the soft discs above his head- crafting a magical pizza spell. Ray KNEW what he was doing. After we boxed up the remains of our meal, he dissappeared in a puff of smoke! PS There seems to be somesort of moustache homage happening at Homeslice which was really funny and kind of weird since JRW has an INTENSE curled moustache happening at the moment. In our hungover state it was a little David Lynch-esque to walk in there and see all the moustache imagery. Kind of like walking into your bathroom and seeing a stranger brushing their teeth. PPS Our comments seem to be working again! PPSS I just noticed Homeslice Pizza is closed on Tuesdays! This seems noteworthy and I'd hate for someone to venture there on a TUESDAY based on our endorsement and then be like "what the hell, bro?!"