Sunday, June 11, 2006


KJJ: We put those juicy flank steak pieces on a Thai-esque / Teriyaki salad of my own invention. It had cashews, minced carrots and napa gabbage as its fundamentals. Is this where I mention it was awesome? Because it was. The raspberries are dessert. Is this where I tell you that the barbershop butchered my husbands long black "Medellin Cartel" locks? Because they f'ing did!!!! They scalped him BAD. I mean, he's a babe so he still looks fine. But these last couple of days have been rough, dudes. (See post below regarding toxic gas). I guess if you go for a walk around your neighbourhood and find a creepy faux tarot card that says "FAILURE" on it.... dont push your luck and get your hair cut an hour later! Oh well, Edmonton is going to win the Stanley Cup so things will work out. Right? RIGHT, EDMONTON??? You're going to win. I am simply enraged with this common sense plan for you to win the Stanley Cup.