Sunday, June 11, 2006


KJJ: Hello. This is an udon and snow-pea stir fry with edamame. I cant remember when we ate this, and theres not really much to say about it. In these times of Texas apartment heat, you gotta cook fast. No time for baking or slow-cooking. Just heat the noodles, quickly stir fry / steam the vegetables and be done with it. So instead of speaking further with regard to mundane stir-fry, let me instead tell you about The Long Good Friday starring Bob Hoskins and Helen Mirren. We watched it (possibley while eating this, I have no idea, my short term memory is a question mark) and loved it. The dudes are bad-ass and London in the late 70s is a trip. I was very overcome with emotion everytime they showed the characters driving around in the black Jaguar XJ6 - the same colour and model I used to drive. *Sniff* *Sniff*. When I watch movies like this one, I get a huge kick out of the styles and I will be stealing Helen Mirren's hairdo ASAP. Bob Hoskin's character owns a pub and that also brought back some great memories of hanging out at the pub. Like, a real authentic English pub. I used to go the Ship & Anchor. During its prime years you'd see the ska dudes in suits, skinheads, punkers, the old British drunks, soccer teams, the younger skaters and bike couriers. What a super joint. I remember all the nights we'd stumble home, stopping at 7-11 for "banger chips" aka nacho chips and velveeta cheese and sit in the alley or on the curb eating them. We'd be frozen popsicles when we got home. In the winter that was always the excuse for drinking so much. We'd have to have enough to not feel the cold. Ahh memories. Le sigh. There were lots of disasterous nights too, ending in fights or crawling home on your hands and knees on the ice and snow. I guess I can't get too sentimental. Hey wait? The movie! Yeah, ummm... I specifically want to mention the ABSURDLY AWESOME soundtrack by Francis Monkman. If you are wanting to go "beyond Moroder" check-check-check it! I did a little research and Francis Monkman was this monster of harpsichord, classically trained, the whole nine yards. Worked in the realms of bizzarro French electronic operas and shit - stuff that is just straight up weird - but this soundtrack is dynomite! PS Check the cameo by a very young Pierce Brosnan. I've been listening to Bronski Beat ever since watching the swimming pool scene!