Wednesday, March 08, 2006


KJJ: The Tofu Stroganoff was so unnatractive that I decided to make something pretty for dinner. BEHOLD - the onionest of Onion Tarts. Hey, whats that between the tart and the garlic and basil beans? Its motherf**king Mrs. Johnson's Donuts, thats what it is!! Layed out like a glazed slut, waiting for me to gorge on cinnamon twists and sugar dough. The recipe for the onion tart is easy and actually kind of inexpensive, since its mostly onions in there. I'll post it soon. We ate this while listening to Yo La Tengo on WFMU and watching some WB show called "Supernatural" which was actually a sort of decent rip of the very awesome The Wicker Man. You can't shoot and kill zombies or pagan infested scare-crows! When will people learn that? JRW: Whereas I was pretty stoked on the stroganoff (stoke-anoff?), and ate more the next day, she was not. But we both loved this little tart. I was coughing and horking so I wasn't allowed to be in the kitchen while this was happening. Imagine my surrise when I first saw this thing cooked. It was great-i love onions, but this wasn't too onion-y at all-plus the green beans had were full of butter, so when I'd bite down, there's be a little butter blast. I love that. Oranges are good, and these ones we picked up the other day are super adictive and seperate easily from the peel. Man, I hate when I can't seperate the orange from the peel. Simple things, those are the ones that get to me. Broken hand? Oh, well, you know how it goes. Oranges that don't peel? I HATE THAT SH*#. KJJ: Sometimes you look at a tart like this one, you want to encase it in glass. You want to eat it four times. We are so goddamn talented and clever that you want to crap diamonds out your ass then die in the puddle of ass diamonds.