Sunday, October 08, 2006


KJJ: Here is a picture of JRW at the Vancouver Aquarium, viewing a fucking MAJESTIC creature of the deep: a Beluga Whale. Yes, we toured the entire aquarium and saw all things great and small, a million exceptional little creatures all with talents that we will never come close to touching. The Vancouver Aquarium accepts sponsorship from Weyerhaeuser paper products. I am supposed to stand in front of their display outlining the forest management system and accept it as "science"? Shame on the Vancouver Aquarium for spreading disinformation. I liked how the display was trying to convince me that somehow forest management is beneficial to the ecosystem. It is beneficial to the paper and lumber industry and nothing further. Here is a picture of the last thing I saw on the way out of the gift shop. I believe this requires no explanation, but I would like to offer my sincerest condolences to the idiot that thought this was appropriate to sell in the gift store of an AQUARIUM, and further condolences to the fish and shelfish that humans have decided are not worthy of aquarium stardom, but ARE worthy of being cooked in garlic and onions.