Monday, October 02, 2006


KJJ: The hobos (us) are in eastside VANCOUVER this week. We have plenty of positive things to report on the state of food in Vancity. In fact, I am so excited I can barely sit still. Do to a crucial brain mis-hap we obtained a giant memory card for our digital camera, but neglected to bring along our USB cable dealy what makes the pictures upload into the computer. So I am going to have to update with photos upon our return to AUSTIN Texas. Chinatown was boss and we were (as expected) run out of stores for taking pictures of some disgusting delicacies such as fish heads, mystery dried sea products, mystery dried fungus products, and general mystery products. Indiatown was also good to us and we s-s-s-scored a quadruple of bitchen' samosas. Little Italy was bueno, the caffe was spectdonkular. The Greeks have also blessed us with some stellar tzaziki. Big ups to Canada, I am crying because my country rules so hard. Anyways, we're gonna holler at you soon with pics and junk.