Sunday, October 08, 2006


KJJ: Oh hey, have you ever had dinner at Judy's? No?? Well suckers, I have-- and let me tell you it is a thing of beauty. You are looking at Salmon with a custardy almost sweet mayonnaise sauce, a perfect quiche, sourdough bread and greek style salad. Go ahead and take a few minutes to feel bad for yourself for not being invited to this dinner. I completely understand. Oh hey, have you ever had dessert at Judy's? NO?! HAHAHAHA too bad! Warm gingerbread with applesauce and vanilla ice cream. I'd like to congratulate Judy for making such a delicious meal. I'd also like to congratulate myself for being invited to eat it. Not only were we served dinner, but we were also invited to tour her superior art studio afterwards; for not only can she cook, she also makes the best textile artwork you've ever seen!! She's a keeper, thats for sure.