Saturday, October 14, 2006


Concerned citizens... two new developments. Number one, our comments thangy is still jacked up. So much spam, so many settings changes, so much confusion. Number two, I got a terrifying email that this site is a "Google Whack". Upon hearing the news I dribbled my mouth full of coffee all over the keyboard and spasmed violently until I heard a "poof" sound whereupon I dissapeared into a cloud of black smoke. After coming too, I attended to Wikipedia where I tried to make sense of the madness. A "Google Whack"? For a second I thought this might mean I was coming close to my LONGTIME dream of making $180 off this site. Some people want to make millions off their websites-- I want to make $180. Anyways, apparently there are two words not joined by quotation marks that will bring up ONE search result on Google-- and ONE ONLY-- and we are that one search result. Here's a list of some others. But the two words... what are the two words? What are the two words?? I want so desperately to know... Peace out nerds, -KJJ