Thursday, October 12, 2006


KJJ: The original served at Yogi Vegetarian Restaurant on Commercial Drive in Vancoolver, and the imitation served at Our Apartment by the train tracks in Austin Texas UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Oh, I forgot to include some bitchiness in this post but I just remembered I am flat out ANGRY at the Heebmonster a.k.a. H-E-B of Hancock Centre - to my dismay they have seriously ethnically cleansed their shelves of any and all East Indian and Pakistani food products. You think I'm joking? I s**t you not, all curries have been removed, including Major Grey's chutney. Out of 1000 aisles in that stupid store they are now down to like 3 that actually sell food. I am trying to think of a witty way to explain the Indian couple shopping and looking around bummed and dismayed (as I was) in their attempt to locate their long gone familiar products but I cant think of anything here. What a joke. Please email me when H-E-B falls into the Earth, thanks!