Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Kim Phung, Austin Texas, Pho #23: Mixed Vegetables and Pho #22: Fried Tofu KJJ: I would like to try to explore some other good Pho places around Austin. While I love the Kim Phungster, I have to admit the broth seems very thin compared to the one and only ALMIGHTY Pho Restaurant (in my opinion), which is Saigon Y2K in Calgary, Alberta. The first time I tried Saigon Y2K it was like a re-birth. The broth is a deeper orange-brown (more awesome oily power) with visible ground garlic and spices and, I really hate to say it, obvious cow origins. While I love this fresh and tasty Pho, if anyone has tips on a bitchen flavourful, hot as s***t Pho place in Austin, please post a comment and let me know! Calgary seemed to have a real concentration of Pho places in the Asian communities... the standard being at least 1 out of 5 would give you food poisoning and 1 out of 3 would send you to the bathroom within a couple hours of eating there. But... see, I weirdly consider that an indicator of some f**kin awesome Pho! It better clear your plumbing or it aint workin, bud. PS. The fried tofu Pho that JRW always orders is a new phenomenon to me. Damn I love regional tweaks on cuisines-- its almost like the same language but a different dialect. A different delicious dialect... JRW: PHO REAL? Yes,it does seem the Phung has fallen from it's grace. There was a time, in the decade they called "the 90's", when you'd go into Kim Phung and it would be packed to the rafters, a time given testament by the various 'best of austin' banners hanging on the lonely walls of the once great noodle house. Now, the only occupants are some scattered fish and a reclining buddha with cigarette butts on it's lap. Still, it's not SO bad. We're liking Cuong Ly aka Mekong River, downtown, more though. The pho there is cheaper, too, and with better broth.