Monday, January 02, 2006


KJJ: My first American New Years celebration-- Texas style. All food prepared by one BBQ maniac who spent something like 28 hours awake making everything and smoking the meat. Texas BBQ is a new experience for me. The neighbourhoods are always smokey on the weekends with the smell of BBQ. The table setting for twenty: JRW: Allow me to tell you, there had been discussion about this meal for a week or more leading up to it-a real Hollywood hype. And it lived up to it, for certain. KJJ: Appetizers included home-made spinach dip with the exciting inclusion of water chestnuts, and sun-dried tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. KJJ: The smoker outside in the yard containing brisket, ribs, filet mignon, and a whole salmon. JRW: The chef told us he had started the coals at 8 am, bringing the cooking time on that brisket to about 12 hours. KJJ: The tableau, including baked beans: KJJ: A full plate. The entire menu consisted of the following: -Salad w/ home-made ranch dressing -Bread -Toasted buns -Green beans -Baked beans -Home-made potato salad -Brisket -Ribs -Salmon -Filet mignon -Banana and brandy flambe with ice-cream (not pictured) And of course, wine, liquor, mimosas and champagne. KJJ: Here lies the only picture of us-- the Apartment Food Hobos-- that we will ever publish. JRW: The Hand (or MANO DE LA MUERTE as it will be known for the next month or so, barring any complications) prevented me from eating fast enough to have as much as I really wanted, and from drinking any of that wine which looked to be really good. KJJ: Dance it up!