Wednesday, January 18, 2006


POTATO MASALA, CARROT & ORANGE RICE KJJ: Basic attempt at "food styling". (Do we really live in a world where "food styling" exists? Goddammit we do!) I actually wanted to shape the rice into more of a "boob" shape since JRW is reading the biography of Russ Meyer and I guess I'm feeling sort of insecure. The potato masala was originally a recipe in Bon Apetit. The recipe Bon Apet-Sucked. I'm serious! I know you are thinking its me, a crummy chef, blaming the recipe. But its true! It was so bland and I honest-to-god don't think they TRY a lot of these recipes before they throw them online. I actually IMPROVED this recipe, I freakin saved the day. I doubled the spices, included some coriander and cinnamon, a little bit of leftover cream... 'twas good. Looked a little bit like puddle-mush for a bit... I'm doing all the cooking lately because the apartment is short a hand. 23 Skidoo! ACES! The Rice - Starring Jasmine Rice as R. Pilaf - Produced and Directed by KJJ 1. You take some carrots and put them in the food processor. 2. You take some rice and put it in a pot with water. 3. Add the carrots. 4. Add a little bit'o'butter. Your husband will complain if you don't add it, but will probably complain when your butt gets big. A dilemma with no easy solution. 5. While you are thinking about your ass, be sure to add 2 tsp (to taste) of orange juice concentrate. 6. Bring to a boil. 7. Cook rice. 8. Push cooked rice into a shallow bowl and plop upside-down onto plate. 9. Eat. 10. Roll credits. JRW: Yeah, she's doing all the cooking or else we would just be ordering out, like..daily. I mean,I can still dial a phone, but typihbg is pretty nhard, becauxd i have to do it with one hansd--can yhoiu imagine me making my 100% awesome fish like this!?! well? CABN YPO7????? Yeah, me neither. Lucky, KJJ saves the day on the regular, and this meal was no exception. As a matter of fact, the picture and loving description above is makng my mouth water. I'd tell you more except typing is a total pain in the teeth.