Wednesday, January 18, 2006


POACHED SALMON, ROASTED SWEET POTATOES, CUCUMBER SALAD, BLUE CHEESE & ALMONDS KJJ: The pinkness of my plate disguises the pinkness of 1/2 a lb of salmon. The sourness of my heart disguises the sourness of a white-wine vinegar and cucumber salad. The placemat is 1960's, from Ireland, thanks for asking. The grape juice was a particularly satisfying vintage, from the orchards of Welch's. This was a satisfying meal. I just wish JRW had been awake-enough to enjoy it. He is tranquil from a vicodin fog. Poor dude broke his hand. It was sad yet funny watching him trying to eat his blue cheese and almonds with one hand. Hey, you know what else is sad but not so funny? Love Monkey. Its a new show. Its a total stinker. I just don't see how ANYONE is going to like it. Like music? You will hate this show. Don't know anything about music? You totally won't give a s**t about this show. Unless you have a thing for the main character, played by that dude with the weirdly skeletal yet femininely-wrinkled face, or just want to watch assload after assload of "quirky" female side-kicks who make vegan jokes and slam-poetry jokes, I can assure you that you will want to flush this Love Monkey down the toilet. Hey, you know what else is weird? I pictured my pet goldfish on the grill yesterday. It made me very uncomfortable. Yet this salmon is a fish. I bought it at the store without a head or eyes, so its easier to forget that it was a living thing. I hate myself for enjoying eating it. JRW said it was like having a pet chihuahua and hanging out with it while you grilled a golden retriever. JRW: Oh yeah, I did say that. It was especially interesting seeing how I'd found those photos of that gigantic goldfish, BRUCE. I imagine that he was about the size of that salmon, which was spectacular tasting. Poaching the fish was a nice twist, and infusing it with love probably helped. But nothing could help 'Love Monkey"-THAT show stunk. Stunk like that wretched smelling, yet wonderfully tasting STELLA blue cheese, which was CRUMBELIEVABLE. I need my vicodin now. KJJ: While we are on the subject of fish, I'd just like y'all to know there is an enormous black goldfish at the pet-store on S. Congress that looks EXACTLY like Wilfred Brimley. I freakin swear to you what I am saying is true.