Friday, January 13, 2006


KJJ: Hi folks, welcome to Friday-motherf**king-13th 2006 a.k.a. my BIRTHDAY. I am older than a barnacle but not yet as wise as Will Durant. And not yet as wise as a barnacle for that matter. IN FACT - I am not yet nearly as wise as your local Korean chef - and I proved that fact last night when I attempted Korean green onion pancakes. A simple, beautiful recipe that turned into something more like scrambled dough fritters with garlic. Do I blame my pan? Yes, goddammit, to a degree I do. That non-stick coating has worn down to a pro-stick coating, a very, very PRO-stick coating. My delicious pancakes were hostage to the pan. I also blame far too much cooking oil (hey- I was just following instructions!). I wont even post the picture here of the pancakes - because even the photograph turned out kinda s***ty. Hey- you gotta try new things once'n'a'while. Hey, whats that up there? They are sweet, gummy, rice and red-bean mounds. Sugared like a welcoming, edible, tiny tit. I enjoyed them while I was eating them (since they were a joyous respite from the scrambled Seoul fritters) but now--- I kind of never want to see them again. JRW: I'm not sure what your beef with those mounds are, I loved 'em! Although, maybe that's because I'm reading a biography of Russ Meyer right now.