Sunday, September 17, 2006


Nooooo............KJJ: Above, chopped spicy beef, spicy bbq beans, creamy coleslaw. Those square things are white breads, like duh. Above, sliced snausage, black beans, mustard potato salad, assorted onions'n'pickles. And white breads. My initial comments to JRW: thank you for bringing me to your country. We met up with some wonderful friends from Mississippi. Personally, I love how their accents all sound like Britney Spears. One of our companions tried to eat three different animals on one plate. With regard to this meal, its really hard to explain Texas BBQ. And its hard to explain how it converts vegetarians (everyone we shared this meal with at once time was a vegetarian). The first thing I would try to mention is the wonderful smell. Everytime I drive down Red River street into downtown I get a whiff of it and it reminds me of being in India or someplace. For me, its the smell. It gets me like those old cartoons of characters following their nose to dinner. Its also usually a meal you share with people. And sharing is good. People are good. Sharing with people. Good. Sharing. Much discussion was had about the renegade E Coli bacteria infested bagged spinach. Thats some pretty gnarly stuff. Nobody is going to want to eat their spinach now. I'd like to mention that packaged salads are the most dangerous things you can buy at fast food places, because they do not cook them, hence no chance of bacterias being obliterated by the heat. Some deep thoughts: Does it matter how you die? Montreal: Hail of bullets. One dead, many injured. US: Bad spinach. One dead, many sick. ???? In other apartment news, I have obtained a new cookbook that I am very excited about called "ASIAN" and its focus is... ummmm.... Asian food. I'm pumped because it seems to have a good assortment of tropical Asian and Indian recipes. A nice combo.