Thursday, September 14, 2006


HURRY! DINNER'S READY!! KJJ: So the boss says to me, he says, "you gotta update your hobo site", and I'm all muttering to myself under my breath as I eat my tuna sandwich, "the only boss I listen to is Springsteen", but then I think to myself, self, "you gotta update your hobo site." So there you have it. I've missed posting some gems, some real doozies... some bona fide gourmet creations. We had the heebie jeebies over posting for a while since JRW got semi-stalked (you know who you are). We dont want to write about certain barbershops anymore, for example. Thats for the birds. But I digress. May I present, a typical Thursday at like the fucking coolest duplex in Austin: Still life with Cajun Alaskun Salmun, and Butter Zucchini w/ Baby Lima Beans. The salmon looks skimpy cause thats my plate and I was feeling finicky tonight. Oh why do I lie? I was feeling like a fat-ass so I gave the bigger piece to JRW.