Tuesday, September 19, 2006


KJJ: This is Time Travel Yam Curry. It is called that because it is what we ate for dinner. TWO NIGHTS AGO. In all honesty its not so much a "curry". Its more like a cilantro lemony tikka masala. It consists entirely of chickpeas and sweet potatoes aka. YAAAMMMMMS. JRW ate so much he nearly 'sploded and couldnt laugh because it hurt so much. On the subject of dinner conversation: I tried to tell JRW a story but apparently I was interrupting the precious Grand Funk Railroad grooves and he looked at me gently and put his finger to his lips and said..."shhhhhh". He has also stopped what he was doing several times to make mini air guitar riffs. "Here comes the best part." "This is the best part." "This part sounds like an alien cat." "Or a panther. An angry panther." "You'll like this song, its about a long cold winter." "This is just good rock." "I love this sound. Listen here it comes again." "This makes me want to smoke pot." "Oh my gosh that a Beastie Boys sample!" [Don't you mean the Beastie Boys sampled this?] "Yeah! Thats what I said!"