Wednesday, September 27, 2006


KJJ: Whats so "Special"? Oh, Ruby's BBQ, thats all. JRW forgot our camera so we didnt get a picture of our dinners. But I can tell you that we were seated beside local Austin rock stars. I wont embarass myself by naming them. Because I embarassed myself enough when I flashed them and asked for their signatures and sat on their laps and spoon fed them barbecue sauce. Why did we eat at Ruby's? The answer is simple and complicated at the same time. Number one, I had some blood work done at the doctors office and I was woozey and disoriented. My hemogoblin count was way down. In fact, I barely remember driving home from the doctors office. I remember somehow gravitating to the fine cheese department of Central Market and buying a bottle of wine. When I got home JRW seemed enchanted by my request to eat red meat (for the hemogoblins). Do you like my joke above? See, I turned the famous song by the Specials, "A Message to You Rudy"... but I made it about Ruby's. Which is equally special.