Monday, September 25, 2006


KJJ: Ever wondered what the inside of a cabbage roll looks like? KJJ: Do you find yourself wanting a radish, but are sick and tired of the round radishes and you want something LONG AND SKINNY? JRW: It looks like KJJ took a discreet spy photo of something the government doesn't want you to see. Was she at Area 51 while I was in the restroom? What happened? What are these really? Remember in "Repo Man" when Emilio Estevez was shown the photo of what was in the trunk of the car everyone was after, and he laughed and then I think "Pablo Picasso" came on? It's kinda like that, except this time I'm not 13, sitting in the laundry room watching the edited version on Channel 13 on a 7" portable black and white tv screen while writing anarchy symbols on my jeans with bleach.