Monday, September 25, 2006


KJJ: Holy crapamoly its been nice in Austin lately, weatherwise. I finally got to take a walk. And no walk is complete without purchasing olive pesto for dinner. The old man and me strolled down to the store and grabbed pre-made organic olive pesto. Its easy enough to make yourself if you have a food processor. I mixed this onto fettucine and added a bounty of minced walnuts and feta cheese. Let me restate that so we are clear. Pasta + pesto + walnuts + feta. Got it? The green beans were prepared "fat" style. Lots of butter. I am digging this awesome Somerdale English butter. Made from cows that have British accents, neat huh? And it only has 300,000 calories per ounce. The ladies that work in the cubicles next to me would find that last fact FASCINATING as all they ever f**king talk about is their goddamned boring as hell food CRAVINGS. Why they so hungry all the time? All that is required of them is to sit on their butts? Anyways, I think you will appreciate these sweet buttered beans, they are 200,000 years ahead of their time: melt the butter and lightly saute the washed and trimmed green beans. Green beans will set you back approximately 0.03 cents per pound. When almost all the butter dissapears add enough water to cover. This will steam them and soften them a bit. Stare directly at them while they cook and send, like, really intense love vibes. When nearly all the water is cooked off, add milk to cover, a dash of cream and sprinkle flour, salt and sugar. Cook for another 10 or 15 mins.