Thursday, February 09, 2006


We couldnt help it. The past three days have been nothing but El Chilito and Trudy's. I am pretty sure the world will be able to carry on quite nicely without our posts and pictures of the tacos. When I, KJJ, was still living in Canada and missing JRW who was living here in Austin, I used to try to cheer myself up by concocting really shitty D.I.Y. tex-mex using really shitty ingredients from 7-11. It just doesn't work, especially when you have to carry home the groceries in the snow. Since moving here I have heard many hip Austinites groan and criticize the plethora of tex-mex places (which I guess I can understand). But while JRW and myself live here, we plan on enjoying it! When we move to Montreal we will enjoy the genuine bagels. When we move to Vancouver we will enjoy the cheap sushi. When we move to Thailand, goddammit, we will ENJOY THE SOUP!!! I guess what I'm trying to say here, and the main message I'm trying to convey, is... we like food. JRW: Damn rights.