Saturday, February 18, 2006


This curry is on the mild side, so those of us with tastebuds that crave the fire of hate and the warmth of the underworld, those of us that eat our curries 6 feet underground shaded by Lucifer's lended hand... those people may want to add more curry powder. But since I got this recipe from friggin' OPRAH WINFREY its pretty mild and pretty damn delicious (homegirl knows her food). VEGETABLE CURRY //olive oil //1 sliced onion //2 med potatoes, cut into 1/2 inch wedgies //2 tbsp minced ginger //3 cloves garlic //1 tsp curry powder //1tsp ground cumin //1 tsp turmeric (this looks like a lot of ingredients, but its really not, as long as you have a properly stocked spice rack. which you should, otherwise, this conversation is over.) //1 can thin, cheap, generic brand tomato sauce (used as a broth) +plus water //1 can coconut milk //salt //1 med cauliflower, cut into florets. florets is New York Art Fag slang for small pieces. //2 zucchinis, cut in half lengthwise, then crosswise into 1/4 inch half circles. //1 cup frozen peas //3 tbsp chopped cilantro, pour le garnishessemente extraordinaire. //heat oil, add onion, cookify for 3 mins. that is how ALL recipes start. //add taters, gingers, garlicers, curry & spices, and liquids. bring to a boil and reduce heat, cover and simmer 10 mins. //at this point it should smell really good, the ravi shankar should be cranked on your stereo, or maybe some bollywood soundtracks, neighbourhood stray cats should be scratching on your door to get some of those good smelling vittles, you should be lost in thought reminiscing about your LONG-PAST girlhood on the beach in S. India, where did the time go, is it too late to go to law school?, do I have more or less wrinkles than other women my age, etc... //add cauliflower, peas, and zucchini, cook another 10 mins. KJJ: JRW had to be chased away from devouring this. Literally. I busted him in the kitchen stealing a bowl. I think that was a good sign. PS If you want a very similar tasting curry, and you happen to live in Austin TX USA, head over to CoCos on the drag. They do a curry almost identical to this on deep-fried tofu and dudes it is SO BANGIN'. JRW: I could have had like, 18 bowls of this. I was feling stingy the next day, and almost took all the leftovers to work with me, but thought about how KJ would get bummerino'd, so I left a dollop or two. After lunch though, I wanted more. I hear when you smoke crack, it's like falling in love, and then like 10 minutes afterwards, you want another rock. I now know the feeling, but you know, rEerpLasce tHe cRrack with this awe$ome curry.