Thursday, April 06, 2006


Mandarin Salsa //1 cucumber, seeded and diced //1 can (11 oz) mandarin oranges, drained //1 tbsp chopped fresh chives //1 tsp olive oil //1 tbsp white wine or cider vinegar //dash of ground red pepper //2 tsp chopped fresh cilantro //combine and chill for 15 - 20 mins. serve with fish. KJJ: This was really good, better than I expected. Tropical, elegant enough for company (not that our company is ever very elegant. Make that-- "too elegant for apartment company"), fast to make, not too expensivo, it pleased my taste buds. I dont know what categorizes something as "salsa", because really... this wasn't "salsa". It was more like, "tangy, slightly spicy concoction". JRW: Sweet, Sweet tilapia. So tender. So flakey. So f'ing missed. The mandarin szalsa added a nice little zest to our favorite inexpensive white fish. And I loved the carrot/pea combo-it reminded me of those frozen Bird's Eye brand boxes you'd see at the weird little dark grocery store on the other side of Westcott, right down the street from the Circle K you used to skate to to buy slurpies and robitussin and steal NERDS. KJJ: I know, the peas and carrots were so quaint and homey. I WAS VERY EXCITED TO EAT! You see, we've been doing a "cleanse" thunk up by a practical joker named Dr. Max Bircher, a Swiss nutritionist and physicist from the 19th century. Dr. Maximillian Bircher: "Vous les gars sucent. Mes projets nutritifs sont l'en face de mauvais et Suisse est le contraire de mauvaisee herbe!" He was obviously either a) a lunatic or b) hiding, like, a baked potato and peanut butter and jam sandwiches in his beard. Cuz his instructions are diabolical. I now know how addicted I am to coffee. Makes me feel all bummerized about myself. Dr. Bircher, you have won this round. Now, let us never speak of (or eat) your "cleansing" soup broths AGAIN! JRW: Dude. Dr.Bircher, I pretty much despise you, with your muesli and raw vegetable lunches. Wait. I haven't even had any muesli yet. OK then, the lunches. Yeah, I feel like i'm doing the right thing, but damn, someone in my offfice breakroom was eating THAI FOOD. AND HERE'S ME, TRYING TO EAT CARROTS WITH A PLASTIC FORK. Nuts to you, Dr. Bircher.