Wednesday, April 19, 2006


//1 frozen puff pastry //olive oil //2 med onions, thinly sliced //dried thyme //dried oregano //...or any combination of greek or italian herbs to taste //1 tomato, sliced //mozzarella grated //1 can anchovy filets //black pitted olives, halved or sliced //1 egg, lightly beaten //preheat oven to 350. brush baking sheet w/ oil or melted butter. place thawed pastry on baking sheet. //heat oil in a pan and sautee onions with herbs until translucent. spread on top of pastry, but leave a border of say 1". //arrange tomatoes over onions, sprinkle with cheese. apply anchovies in a latice pattern over filling. arrange olives to complement the latice design. its all about the design. perhaps make a portrait of a loved one or a favorite pet out of the olives. //brush edges of pastry with beaten egg. bake till golden approx 25 mins. serve warm. You will not need extra salt. The anchovies are potent. This is much lighter than a pizza, do not make the mistake of thinking of this as a pizza. It is a "Pissaladiere!!!" To de-salt anchovies, soak them in cold milk for 5 minutes. Remove the backbone with your fingers. I had a boss that did that to me once. Long time ago. Story for another blog. it all in one setting, do NOT try to save any. It will not keep well, and if you eat it, do NOT do itin your offfice. It will never stop smelling like anchovies if you do. And pack some Altoids.