Sunday, April 16, 2006


I'm a meatball, short and fat. I'm a meatball, how 'bout that. -Atom & His Package "Meatball" KJJ: Good grief. We made Greek meatballs. With sauteed snap peas and broiled mushrooms with salt and pepper. How to make a meatball? You take your meat, your egg, your breadcrumbs, your SPICES, your depressed garlics, and you f'ing roll that s**t around in a bowl. Get your hands in there, real oooey goooey stuff. Cook them on the stovetop till they are browned on the outside, then throw them in the oven and bake to completion. There you go kiddo, you are a meatball champion. Don't let the world get you down. Fly your freak flag high. Skate and destroy. JRW: Greek meatballs will totally light up your Saturday night, but only if you sautee up some suger snap peas and radishes and serve 'em up with a red wine. That's right, WINE. I like it, and no, Rob, I'm not going to write any poetry while I'm drinking it. DICK. Get a big bold red, and don't mess around with Urbane, just because it's on sale. It lost it's zing after it breathed a bit, and by the time we decided to play POLISH GAME, the best card game on the planet, I was thinking to myself, "do we have any of that kahlua left?". Red wine. Go big or go home, brah. And skate and destroy.