Friday, April 21, 2006


KJJ: Guys I am very excited to report that El Chilito was bumpin' wylde stylez last night. When we pulled in we could hardly find a parking spot! I explained to JRW that its because the peeps have been reading our favourable reviews. But that is a damn lie because we only have like 4 readers. So how to explain the activity? Maybe people can smell the love cooking up in there... Last night we mixed it up a bit and I tried the Pollo Burrito. It was stupendous! The chicken was marinated and shredded up nice and thin. They do two things REALLY well at El Chilito: first, the rice is really good. It adds a lot when the rice is nice and fluffy with a super decent flav'. Secondly they put this fuckin' __ahem__ pardon me I'm trying to cut down on the profanity, let me start over: Secondly they put this f**kin' awesome LIME infusion / essence that is not too much and not too little into a lot of their creations. Its hard to bitch about how ass-backward Texas is sometimes when you open your heart to the kick-ass aspects of life here like enjoying a burrito with flavours that just CAN'T be duplicated let alone found at all eleswhere. You know what I'm saying? Sure, my neighbours might have shot out a our kitchen window with a BB gun and shot at all our birds. Sure, Austin might be voted as America's second "greenest" city despite having embarassingly little public transport, light rail trains or commuter bike paths. But bitches, this aint a socialist city, its man vs man, burrito vs burrito, and El Chilito has officially won the championship. If I could make one suggestion, its that they use a sturdier tortilla and wrap 'em up a bit better, because the fillings always seem to be bustin' loose like the Doobie Brothers on a yacht party in 1983. Now lets talk a little bit about "The Twilight of American Civilization" and I could tie that into a very fascinating quote I found on my cup at Starbucks... JRW: Yeah, homeys, I don't wanna get all political on this blog's ass, but... Morris Berman says America is in it's twilight phase, and I'm totally feeling him. Peep the signs, you know it's true. The gap between the rich and the poor is growing larger, more people are in debt trying to attain some fantasy lifestyle, an insane amount of teenagers can't even find the US on a map, growing illiteracy, and the rise of religion over rational thought. I mean, damn. But wow, El Chilto has the bitchinest burritos. GIMME BURRITOS OR GIMME DEATH! KJJ: Okay. We went to Starbucks last night to try a "Green Tea Latte". (It was my idea, JRW is way too cool for that. I was just real curious about this Green Tea Latte. And no, I'm not a Starbucks person). Supposedly America's twilight can be measured by the indication of pervasive reliance on religious thought rather than logical thought. Granta sums it up on the back of this month's issue by noting that God is doing REALLY WELL in Texas, Tehran and Afghanistan. So, I buy this Green Tea Latte and on my cup is this obscenely saccharine and... (sometimes we're afraid to use this word, but i'm just going to say it) STUPID pablum mush quote about "God this, God that.. you are God's creature... God is the highest standard... God created you..." etc etc. NO I did not save the cup with the exact quote or author. YES I understand Starbucks does this to incite conversation and debate by placing a "food for thought" quote on their stuff. But AMEN!-- what the hell bro?? Maybe if I PRAY REAL HARD that quote will go away. Starbucks, incidentally, provides the "greenest" paper coffee cup of all the coffee chains with 10% post consumer recycled fibers. 10%? That is sad. Can we all collectively consider getting our heads out of our asses once in a while? About the Green Tea Latte itself: Interesting! Not *obviously* made out of syrup or a mix which was nice. Even though I'm not sure what exactly it *was* made of. Something sort of powdery at the bottom, but not entirely distasteful. Not like a warm milkshake either, which I was glad about. Not grossly sweet. If you want a green drinky, order it up. And God bless you, beautiful perfect creature of God, amen. JRW: Dang. KJJ's eloquence just made me sound like one of those illiterate Americans.