Monday, April 10, 2006


KJJ: I know its tacky to order a boat of sushi and sashimi... but we did it. AND WE'D DO IT AGAIN! The restaurant we dined at, Silhouette (odd name for a sushi restaurant, but nonetheless...) is downtown and has a pretty swell atmosphere, with warm wood and deep but clean interiors. A nice change from the usual mod and sometimes sterile urban-hip sushi cafes. I'm kind of picky about sushi, once you've had it on the west coast, you feel like you deserve outstanding and authentic japanese dishes at low prices. The best sushi restaurant I've ever eaten at is in Vancouver, B.C., Canada... and nothing will probably ever top it. But the kind of places I miss most are family-run, neighbourhood restaurants that are still cosmopolitan and high-quality. I've never eaten at "progressive" and experimental/fusion sushi places with enough frequency to have an opinion on them either way, due to the fact that I haven't enough yen if you feel me. So what I'm trying to get at is-- Silhouette is my kind of joint. They had a pretty decent selection of the usual culprits aswell as some more interesting items that we completely ignored in favour of THE BOAT. Yeah, we did it. It was a nice boat, the rolls were fantastic. The fish was very flavourful, not at all watery or cold. Very soft and delicious. JRW said, "buttery". The thing that irritates me the most about JRW is that he has self-control and excercises an infuriating restraint in choosing and enjoying the pieces. Our dinner lasted twice as long as it would have if I were in charge. The upside is, you kind of have a better experience that way. Incidentally, what stands out most in my mind about this dinner were the immigration protests occuring down the street. Downtown was full of flags waving, cars honking, and overheard conversations regarding the new immigration laws. When we were all finished the boat miraculously levitated 2 feet off our table and floated away, and we asked ourselves, was it naught but a dream? JRW: Do it up! Silhouette used to be this other place, whose name we won't mention-because of a controversy involving cameras planted in the bathroom, but it's much better in it's new form. Man, the sashimi was welcome and good! How does a fish capture so much flavOUR (what up, Canada?) in that meat? That was some of the tastiest sashimi I've ever had. I don't know if it's just been a long time since I've hadd it or what, but when I put that first piece of tuna in my mouth, I thought I was gonna have to kick a chair over I was so pumped. Those little rolls were some of the best I've ever had, as well. Wonderfully textured, creamy but with a slight crunch at the end. We discovered they have a decent looking happy hour too, which we need to take as much advantage of as we can before World War III starts.