Saturday, April 29, 2006


JRW: I made this, but I'm gonna have to let K to the J speak about it-I got very despondent over it's inabality to instantly wow me, figured KJ was gonna be mad because I screwed it up and I knew she was looking forward to making it, and subsequently I banished my bowl to the putrid realm of the garbage bin. So, uh..she'll have to tell you all about it. I don't believe whatever she's about to say, and I think she's trying to not hurt my brittle culinary feelings. KJJ: Trust me, this was good and uber authentic. It smelled magnificent and tasted like something from South India. The smell was resplendent. I think JRW was just bummed that a) it didnt look like the picture in his cookbook, and b) that it wasnt a thicker mush. The cod was really good, cooked to perfection, not too rubbery. I dont know what JRW's problem was. He thinks I'm the curry Nazi just because I have been to India. The wild rice really sopped up that messy yellow sauce, almost like a Thai curry broth in a way. THATS RIGHT INDIA I AM SOOOOO COOOOL