Saturday, April 29, 2006


KJJ: Welcome to Austin TX, Saturday morning. JRW and I sit here reminiscing about 8th grade Miami bass, listening to our newest hero Spank Rock. Our downstairs neighbour is playing acoustic bluegrass. Every week he gets better. JRW is reading "Our Band Could Be Your Life" so we spent a little while arguing about music until I stopped the insanity and pointed out we were arguing the exact same point. I wanted to listen to some Beat Happening until I realized I sold it all before I moved down here. But wait this is about FOOD. Okay. Moving on-- I want to tell you about this new program we've started. Well, I started it. Its called "Operation Fatten JRW Up". I keep sending him to the store to buy cakes and donuts and burgers and last night it was steak and mashed potatoes (pictured above), from Hyde Park Bar & Grill. Order anything from there and it comes deep fried. Hyde Park was one of the first places I ate at when I moved here, and I was tickled pink and horrified at the same time by the ENORMOUSITY of the American portions. It was also quite a shock whenever I came in at the airports in the US to see all the fat people. Nobody stands a chance here, especially in Texas. I need both hands to lift the giant buckets of soda and water served to me as beverages. Its hilarious. So why is JRW getting so skinny? We used to be the same weight, now he's thinned out... I have a new lifestyle where I wake up, get out of my cube, get into my parked cube and drive to a bigger cube, where I find my way up to my cube, turn on another cube, sit in my cube looking at a cube and dealing with the logistics of shipping cubes packed with other cubes. I just wanted to mention that. I also wanted to mention a great book for people who like to cook. Its called "The Cooks Book", and although it includes recipes the focus is on technique. The instructions are provided by the world's master chefs. It is beautifully designed and is very clear. Its not often that I will prepare Terrine of Foie Gras, but if I was, this would be the book to turn to for an explanation. Its basically food porn. P.S. About our dinner in Hyde Park: yeah it was good. I dont want to skew Apartment Food Hobos in the direction of "Restaurant Reviewing" because really, what is more cliche than that? What I want to say is, this is what we ate, fuckity spank! And also, JRW is a gemini who rambles on in weird directions and won't stop talking while I write this. He's fixing his vintage stereo right now. JRW won't stop talking about Black Flag and Black Sabbath. I just heard him say "...Which means I pretty much had awesome taste in music when I was a kid. Which means I'm pretty much really cool... Basically I was a fucking rad kid!" He actually just used the term "era defining". JRW: "When my stepsister was blasting Appetite for Destruction I fucking took the tape out and put in Yo! Bum Rush the Show and was making fucking Metallica kites for science class... god, the Metallica kite was cool." KJJ: "Your mom bought that tape for you." JRW: "The kid I made the Metallica kite with was super nerdy and didn't like squares and preps and was like angry in a pre-Columbine way. I wonder whatever happened to Jeremy Butler.." KJJ: He probably works at Apple. JRW: He probably does.