Saturday, April 22, 2006


KJJ: You dont make up for your sins in church. You do it in your homes... on the streets. The rest is bulls**t and you know it. Ever have a salad with paprika AND mint in it at the same time? Like, on the same plate? You're about to. This mean plate of green straddles the line between distasteful and delicious. Kind of like what foreign foods do to you when you're travelling, and you bust into a new realm of taste. And things seem really unappetizing at first, but then you get into it. This is what we'll all be eating in the bio-harmonios jungle of the future. Start the proceedings: //1 bunch asparagus //5 oz green beans //5 canned or marinated artichoke hearts //2 tbsp butter //1/2 tsp ground sweet paprika //2 cloves garlic //2 tbsp olive oil //2 tbsp lemon juice //1/4 tsp black pepper //2 tbsp finely chopped mint //Blanch some of the stuff that needs to be blanched (beans, asparagus), heat some of the stuff that needs to be heated (garlic, butter, paprika, mushrooms). Combine together with the other stuff. you know the drill. Its a salad for petes sake. I imagine that this is fusion cuisine in Hungary. Goddammit, we made some great chicken last night that I'll come back and holler at y'all about. In the meantime, I just biked halfway up and down Austin Texas, then sat in the sun in a backyard drinking rum punch and Canadian beer, and listened to JRW dj gems like "Electric Avenue" and "Egyptian Lover". Yup, it was good. Hence my ramshackle posting. Our friends put the wrong kind of compost in their backyard and it smelled like poo. Yeah, I said it. PS. I saw this on my bikeride and obviously I was very excited about it. Shitty graffiti is always the best. This is "food" related because it mentions "soul eating". There you have it.