Monday, May 08, 2006


KJJ: You see that? Thats the triumph of JRW putting a cookbook to use. This is so redonkulously simple that I will punish you if you dont make it for yourself by the end of this week. Chicken breast? You know where to find them. Dijon mustard? You've got it in your fridge right now, don't lie. Mayonnaise? Make sure its not expired or this dish WILL punish you before the end of this week. You need fresh. Fresh freshness. Put it all together in a tinfoil envelope and bake at 400 for say 20 mins depending on the POWER of your oven. It will smell tasty when its ready. Voila - you have created a mustardpiece to serve to your significant lover whilst you exchange notes on the progress of nuclear war with Iran. KJJ: Goddammit, so many wonderful things are happening here. I am like the proverbial intellectual smoking cat, taking a break with a cigarette, to "digest" (HAW HAW HAW) the pure awesomeness of the Austin Outsider interviewing us for the Austin Outsider blog spotlight. It makes me want to take off my shirt and light it on fire in direct view of a cop, just to tempt fate's good fortune. P.S. Have you losers ever been to Avenue B Groceries? They sell sandwiches there. Of course you've been there, its only the COOLEST sandwich place, like, ever, right? The buzz on the street a.k.a. my row of cubicles is that the owner is a little loco. He's got the touch a.k.a. maybe bi-polar? Maybe a little antagonistic towards his patrons? Maybe hires too many cute young girls, mmmm? Mmmm? Thats when you gotta step up and just say "shut up gimme my sandwich" and if you want to take my advice the "Queen B" sannywich is really decent, nice touch of the jalapenos. Two sandwiches, two ginger ales, and a bag of chips approx $15. This is the kind of place you go and take a picture and send it back to your mom or friend who doesn't live in Austin and you're like - "look, its so REAL, its so UNIQUE, I totally live somewhere VALID." And there you have it.