Sunday, May 28, 2006


JRW: Hola blog, it's been a long time since I rappped at ya. I've been so busy lately, with the Festiva and all, I MEAN, FESTIVITIES. You see, it was my birthday last week. I know what you're thinking, why did my birthday prevent me from writing you in 3 weeks? Well, dude, you know, things just HAPPEN. Life, sometimes it just gets in the way-you get up in the morning, go to work all day, and you're like, "yeah, I could probably write the blog, but let me just check craigslist real quick and see if anyone's selling any scooters. Oh SNAP, an Ensoniq EPS, for $125? Dang, I need to scoop that up! Let me just check my bank account and see how muh I have left...Oh man, did I pay the phoen bill?". Yeah, you know how it is. And then, it was my birthday, and man, I've been ROYALLY distracted because I scored so many wicked goodies, and had such a great party thrown for me by my sweet ol' lady...did I tell you I scored some new knives? HELLS YEAH. Henckels. Damn right, they feel good, cut good, and look good (I know it should be cut WELL, but I'm taking my poetic license, YO). I also got some bamboo cutting boards, a 3 cup espresso maker (since I spaced out and torched KJJ's and melted the handle), and this yellow skillet-it's like Elle Decor come the life in my house. So, yeah. I've been a little preoccupied. I'm really, really sorry. For real. So. Are we straight? Cool. check the sandwich I made to be the counterpart to KJJ's "The Martha". It's a tiny little morsel, powerful because it is jammed with flavor. Here's the outline: 10 grain bread (it's like a kung fu move), 3 slices of cucumber, horseradish, spicy dijon and 2 pieces of Knight's Vale cheese. I spared myself the mystical healing powers of kimchee, so I quite pleasantly mine. It's also only about 3 inches from end to end. Therefore, it has come to ber known as "The Liliputian".