Tuesday, May 16, 2006


KJJ: I had to upload some positive energy into our living sphere, so I made this "salad". The dressing (pictured above) was mouth watering. Here are the details: //flank steak 1/2 lb - season with salt and pepper and broil for about 7 mins each side //napa aka chinese cabbage - shred up a pile of that //mint, fresh //cilantro, fresh //1-2 cups carrots, shredded or massacred in the food processor //scallions, about 5 - diced dressing: //orange juice or orange juice concentrate - about 1/4 cup //fresh squeezed lime juice - i used the juice of 3 or 4 limes //1 tbspn or to taste of diced or grated jalapeno //brown sugar, a couple tablespoons to taste //combine, serve with tropical fruit, this time we sampled something called a "BANANA"... JRW: I hear those things are close to extinction. That's just what I hear.