Sunday, October 23, 2005


ZUCCHINI SAUTEED WITH TURMERIC AND ONIONS; COUSCOUS; TILAPIA NICOISE STYLE - Or, "Q: How Do You Spell Zucchini? A: Yummy!"KJJ: Damn squirrels and raccoons keep eating my Jack-o-lantern outside on the porch. I've seen 'em. This tilapia, old friend of mine, was pan fried with garlic and bread crumbs, lightly floured beforehand. When nearly cooked I applied a thick tomato sauce and then steamed it in the pan. It made a big whooosh sound when I poured the water in and closed the lid. It was very impressive and I felt like a champion. A champion of providing dinner. Over on the North side of the stove, on a nearby burner, my zucchini was rocking to its own tune of olive oil and turmeric, a mellow beat. The couscous was already finished and fluffed and staying warm. It finally got cold in Austin-town and its very soothing to eat something warm. We ate this dinner in silence because lately I hate society and f**k the world, etc. JRW: Then, we ate Blue Bell ice cream sandwiches and watched a documentary about our dependance on oil, and how the suburbs are going down.