Sunday, October 23, 2005


KJJ: Hola Amigos, Its been a while since we hollered at ya. We've been having some "Jim Anchower" moments if you feel me. Things were going pretty good until our computer mouse busted (JRW: That mouse is a real rat), raccoons ate a messy hole in our jack-o-lanterns, and a mystery ailment struck us down for like 3 days. Lets not even talk about the serious attention one member of our household has needed to devote to the all important WORLD SERIOUS or whatever its called. I guess there's some team from Houston... I wanna say "Astros" (JRW: GO 'STROS!)? Anyways, the aforementioned household member cooked us up some friggin' mystery vittles (shown above). I know we said Mediterranean was the way of the Jedi this week, but we might have to pause that plan temporarily... we still havent got around to getting groceries (what with being bed-ridden and all). Shucks. What you are looking at here is a delicate combination of -Refried Beans -Rice a Roni (Spanish style) -Tortilla -Lettuce -Deep fried cheese peppers of some sort JRW retrieved these items triumphantly from the grocery store. I couldn't make this up. He did some experimental layering / baking / assembling and then got super pissed off that it was inedible. (Which was pretty cute). This was the first time I have ever had Rice a Roni- it is DAMN salty. JRW: That meal was a blow to my batting average. GO 'STROS!