Friday, October 14, 2005


TARRAGON CREAM CHICKEN WITH NOODLES - A JRW JOINT Look at the mighty shallot staring at you, a third eye of onion, a Biblical epic of a miniature onion... If this onion could walk and talk it would be a surly hundred year old Albanian man, imploring you to buy a hand-crafted leather satchel, or... uhhh... damn I'm just distracted by that story about the pregnant Papillion dog that raised an abandoned squirrel. JRW brought the gnar into our kitchen, I hated the profanity cursing through the air, but it was worth it. JRW has a habit of cursing when cooking. He's seeking treatment. We've upped his Ravi Shankar and tea therapy to 20 milligrams a day. JRW says, dont forget to mention the shallot. KJJ says screw the shallot, whilst it is the bona-fide crown jewel, it could not exist without the army of tarragon defending its noodley homeland. Snobs might dismiss this meal as "quaint", but I swear to god I could market this upscale. You know like those "upscale" diners that serve $15 homefries n stuff. By Jupiter - I need to mention this great beverage, its something called "Minute Maid Fruit Punch" and we've diluted the s**t out of it so it lasts longer. Ya dig?