Tuesday, October 18, 2005


BORSCHT; COUSCOUS; PEAR & GOAT CHEESE - Written & Directed by KJJ KJJ: If this tableau I recreate, in no time I might lose my mate. Hey... quick question... I'm just putting this out there... ever been so cranky with the American Health system and your resulting poverty and frustration leaves you with no option but to eat left-over borscht, engage in a conversation with your mate as to whether you want rice or lentils tonight, and spend the entire afternoon with the stereo turned up so loud listening to Throbbing Gristle? JRW: Yeah. Read the headline, "other times we're just broke". But really, we just need to go to the grocery store. The conversation about lentils and rice was a good one, too. I think we tackled a lot of issues with that debate. The answer is, NEITHER. KJJ: I've been eating this pot of borscht for three days. Its lost its magic. Which, I dont think it even had to begin with since the beets were 2 months old and starchy. I am human and I need to be loved. JRW: Jeez. Has it gotten that bad for us that we're aging our vegeatables? What do beets turn into when they get old? You know, like raisins and grapes? Man. I just got hungry again. KJJ: Amazing pear. A-maze-ing. Central Market pear. I dont even usually like pear too much. Goat cheese... is the milk of a goat... turned into cheese . You want so much for it to have flavour, but it is bland ( JRW:Remember the great point I made about it being a "tease cheese"? You think there's more flavour on the way with the rest of the bite, but NO. IT AIN'T) . (Uh-oh.. a convoy of protesting French goat-cheese makers might pull up on my lawn if this gets around). I mean, really, its lovely cheese, and when you layer it on a pear I suppose an imagined nostalgia for Provence makes this more appetizing than it really is... I should have let this cheese sit in my fridge for 3 more months until it turned "bleu". Over'n'out. JRW: Allow me to add that there is seldom a time in our household when a piece of cheese will go uneaten. That time was last night. Goat cheese should really just be something else.