Sunday, October 16, 2005


SPICED TOMATO BLACK BEANS OVER RICE, MOLSON CANADIAN - A KJJ PRODUCTION KJJ: This is one of those meals born out of neccessity, it answers the age old question: "what to eat for dinner?". This meal tests your skill at stocking a spice rack and pantry, your skill at being imaginative with limited ingredients, and your general cooking skills in making "something out of nothing"(*JRW: Or as they say in Texan, "Making chicken-salad outof chicken sh**, gross huh?). It also assures that in case a communist revolution breaks out, you will be able to feed your new comrades the peoples way, no bougie super-faire here. I actually overheard myself say out loud, "this is the kind of meal that if you've been hiking for 7 hours or, like, you just got out of prison, this would taste REALLY good" (*JRW, interrupting again:"She did, for realski"). I dare you to find wisdom like that on any other food blog. Crucial elements (I am dropping mad knowledge here so pay attention): -Beans, canned for convenience, I don't bother to rinse them -Tomato paste, this is your base, the flavor foundation -Onions & garlic, typical -Fresh green onions, you need these or you die of taste-deprivation and scurvy -Cumin and chili powder, they said this could never be done, but years of NASA-style culinary space training enabled me to put this meal into the galaxy and combine a stratospheric of two basic spices in atom-splitting, never before attempted flavor-zone exploration (*JRW: I don't even know what you just said, but that's EXACTLY how it happened!). Really, if you don't have cumin and chili powder (the forgotten spice) in your pantry then I just can't help you and you should turn off this blog forever and move into one of those kitchens on the set of a sitcom where none of the appliances work and none of the food is real and you can continue living your false life there. JRW:IN YOUR FACE, NBC! DEAL WITH IT!