Tuesday, October 04, 2005


TONIGHT'S EPISODE: THE SCAVENGERS! Tonight was a 2 part story. First we had to replenish the caffeine levels, so we stopped at some place called PACHA, which is totally Austin in the fact that you can get coffee and buy some imported Latin American belts and handprinted stationary at the same time. All while listening to alt-country music. We decided to eat a scone with our lattes. The scone was warm and KJ said that her Welsh grandmother used to make scones, and that this scone was no ordinary scone. I think that meant it was good. Also, some lady gave us a really dirty look for parking in front of her natural healing store. "My Welsh grandmother used to make scones, and I can tell you, scones usually aren't very good" After the scone party, we went grocery shopping, so we wouldn't have to eat oranges and drink water for dinner again. We stocked up, let me tell you. Then, we didn't feel like cooking, so we ate chips and salsa. The chips are those really tasty blue corn chips. They were on sale, we scored. The salsa is Pace brand, which is good when you'rer on a budget, and isn't made in New York City.