Tuesday, October 18, 2005


DEEP FRIED TOFU PHO; VEGETABLE PHO; ICED COFFEE - PRODUCED BY KIM PHUNG STARRING KJJ AND JRW KJJ: My closest compadre loves him some deep fried tofu, and really who can blame him? Its hard to reproduce this in our lair, since we don't usually deep fry anything. And deep-frying would be a weird thing to start. Like, "you know, I really should start deep frying more things". So that just isnt going to happen anytime soon in our house. The thing that I, personally, don't exactly like about deep-fried tofu, is that I know its been deep fried the night before and is just plopped into the soup when they are ready to serve it. I dunno, just doesnt do much for me. I'd rather get my fresh veggies! JRW: What-evs. I love the deeeeeep fried tofu because they're like squishy litttle broth sponges. They're like that gum, Chewels(?) that I used to buy as a kid, you bite down on it and puncture this little pocket of juice...it's like extra flavor. I've tried to fry tofu, but it never comes out like this. I used to hate the Phung, because they used to make some pretty bland fried rice, but I like hopping over there now, and getting a good cheap bowl of soup. KJJ: Please note the fixin's above. Kim Fung is generous with the fixin's, which I love. Cilantro, double wammy of limes, sprouts, basil, and green peppers of some variety, which I don't remember ever getting in Canada when I ordered pho. So maybe its a regional thing with such a great variety of peppers available in Tejas. See that dark sphere lurking in the background of this photo? (Ha! - "pho-to", get it?) Well thats some damn fine iced coffee in its embryo state. It won't be a fully grown-up coffee until all of the water filters and the condensed milk is mixed - before you pour it over ice! JRW: OOPS. Sometimes, SOMEONE decides to get pho for breakfast instead of mufffins before the early matinee of 'Serenity' you're supposed to go see, and so you're not really thinking yet, because you've just woken up, and you're about to go see this totally bombastic loud movie, and then you end up NOT pouring your coffee correctly, and then you're like, 'i always do it this way" or whatever I said. See? I was so out of it, I don't EVEN REMEMBER WHAT I SAID. KJJ: Here's my kick-ass vegetable pho. Its radical to get a vegetable pho that is actually in vegetable broth. I dont know the subtle definitions of Pho, perhaps a veggie broth doesnt even qualify as true pho? Kim Fung makes a delicate soup, not overwhelmingly mind (and nasal) blowing like certain more potent phos, but it is dang good none-the-less. Here are some fun facts: -The worlds greatest pho is available at Saigon Y2K in Calgary, Alberta, Canada ( JRW: I seen it). Order #42. Calgary has a pretty kickin' Asian area, nobody is slacking off in the pho production, and Saigon Y2K (family run) now has I think 3 locations. -I have never once completely finished an entire bowl of pho. Furthermore, I do not know anyone that has. -Slurping is totally okay. -Pho cures illness and makes people hot and sexy. -I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico.