Sunday, November 06, 2005


FISH & CHIPS PRESENTED BY B.D. RILEY'S IRISH PUB JRW: BATTER UP! Seriously, doesn't that look just so damn RIGHT? Imagine, you're sitting at a pub on a balmy November day, the windows are open to the street. You hear the sounds of busses rumbling, horns honking, people talking as they walk by. A tour group across the street files out of an old historic building which houses a convenience/Texas gift store, called by the sound of the tour guide's duck call to get back in the amphibious vehicle they're going to eventually drive into the town river. You look around inside the old style pub, at all the quaint tell-tale details: the guinness sign, the rugby pennants, the dart board, the 4 plasma tvs showing're sipping a BLOODY MARY...and a pint...talking about Copenhagen and splashing malt vinegar onto the lovely battery cod, all while the pub owner's telling the table next to you about how they had to get their fish Fed-Exed one time...really though, it was an awesome Sunday afternoon in Austin that day. We're gonna do it again, for sure. KJJ: I balls out love fish and chips.