Monday, November 21, 2005


SPLIT-PEA SOUP; SPINACH SALAD WITH SWEET FLAX OIL & MUSTARD DRESSING; BLACK RUSSIAN RYE BREAD; ORANGES! KJJ: Where the hell have we been? Making ourselves sick with shitty soba poverty noodles and getting so hungry we're forced to eat Dan's hamburgers and Taco Shack. Give my regrets to my immune system. Tell it to come back though- because I braved the limping yuppie Americans at the market on Thanksgiving to bring home some foodables- some of which are prepared above. I got really cranky right before I ate this, which is weird cause I'm in a good mood, I think I was just really hungry. The salad is a mix of spinach and red romaine lettuce, with cucumbers, flax oil, balsamic vinegar, red-wine vinegar and mustard dressing. The Black Russian bread was nearly warm when I purchased it. It is the sweetest, darkest, most insanely awesome bread I have found round these parts. I always think of that Trail of Dead song when I eat it. Theres something about shlepping a grocery cart to your car that, as a woman, sure makes you feel like a middle-aged loser. Hook 'em horns. JRW: CAROUSEL! CAROUSEL!