Saturday, November 05, 2005


LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT BLEU CHEESE, PARMESAN CHEESE, DANISH FONTINA CHEESE, & HARVEST FARMERS CHEESE KJJ: There once was a pasta with a sauce of tomato I ate it immediately and boy was it great-o It had zucchinis in it and tasted so good I'm about to have leftovers and I knew that I would Sometimes you make this sauce when there is nothing else to eat But we need to remember, when done right its a treat With lots of special things to put in the sauce You are destined for a meal that is totally boss Cinnamon, cayenne, basil and olive oil Simmer it down after it reaches a boil Serve it with salad and dressing of bleu You will be happy and so too will your crew JRW: I can't even fade that song. It's just so correct. We have so much cheeese at our house right now, it's BANANAS. YOU HEAR THAT, GWEN?