Monday, November 14, 2005


MMMMmmmmm..... KJJ: May I speak candidly about this sushi? May I be totally honest? It was great. It was some of the best fish and presentation I've seen and tasted in ages. Why did it have to be so expensive? Oh well. The sashimi was incredible. This was no old, cheap frozen, pre-cut fish. This was heavenly. Why can't sashimi be vegetarian? The colour and texture of all of this was amazing. Goddammit all I've accomplished by typing this post is now I want to go out for sashimi and sushi like right now and have more more more more..... JRW:This was a total gamble, and it paid off...BIG TIME. Except, it was a little expensive. The sushi was really fresh though, and had some tasty touches I've never encountered, like the roasted garlic garnish. Also, be sure to note the sashimi is wrapped to resemble ROSES. Totally Sweet: Fish Flowers! We topped it off with the greatest desserts ever-have you ever had TEMPURA ICE CREAM? We were working under certain conditions which made it awkard to take more pics, but let me assure you, our one dear reader, it was magnificent. Special shout out goes to MJJ (our one dear reader) for hooking it up. WORD. I think we're gonna have to come back here for their sushi happy hour.